Core Technology

Vytran’s filament fusion technology, combined with industry-leading machine monitoring and control, allows unmatched precision from R&D to high-volume production.
Since 1989, Vytran has pioneered new products and technologies to meet the demands of specialty and production fiber splicing. From fiber stripping through proof testing, we provide unique, versatile tools that help enhance customers’ development efforts and maximize production quality and efficiency.

Vytran has also enhanced customers’ efficiency and throughput with our innovative all-in-one workstation approach to fiber processing. Our workstations logically integrate all fusion splicing procedures (even for large-diameter fibers), associated software and process control capabilities into single systems to provide end users with maximum throughput, quality and consistency.
  • Patented filament fusion technology provides a consistent, reliable method of creating high-strength, low-loss splices.
  • True Core Imaging™ high-resolution optical imaging system detects and displays a fiber’s inner core structure for high-precision fiber alignment.
  • Advanced software merges vision-based alignment, an intuitive GUI, and application database capabilities to enable accurate, repeatable production processes.
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