Aerospace and Defense

Vytran makes possible reliable, precision fiber splices suited for demanding, high-volume applications such as the development and production of fiber-based gyroscopes and specialty fiber lasers for the defense market.
Highly demanding applications such as fiber-based gyroscope production require the best equipment available to deliver low-loss, high polarization extinction ratio (PER) splices between PANDA fibers, other types of polarized fibers, and SMF-28. The equipment must also provide effective recoating capabilities so that the newly spliced fiber retains its original flexibility and integrity.

Our FFS-2000 all-in-one workstation accommodates both polarization maintaining (PM) and standard fibers. It combines all fusion splicing processes from fiber stripping through proof testing into one so our customers can create high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. It makes reliable, consistent, low-loss, high-PER splices with PM fibers such as PANDA fibers and features an “on-board” recoating tool, proof tester and loss-estimation capabilities. These features, along with unmatched imaging capabilities and extensive programming flexibility, make the FFS-2000 ideal for both R&D and volume production.

For maximum production throughput, we also offer the fully automated FAS fusion splicing workstation. FAS can be configured with up to six modules that perform any process from fiber stripping through proof testing and can be modified to accommodate changing production requirements.

For our specialty fiber laser customers, we often recommend the GPX-3000 series of multipurpose glass processors. Our GPX-3000 systems create low-loss splices, tapers, couplers and combiners (e.g. 7:1 and 61:1) on optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. True Core Imaging™ enables accurate inner-core alignment and splice loss calculation while End-View Imaging™ provides automated alignment of PM fibers, fibers with non-circular cladding or micro-structured cores, and dissimilar fibers.

For manufacturers that want the fiber splicing performance of our proven filament fusion, multi-function splicing products, but from a stand-alone tool with a simple production interface, we offer the LFS-4100. LFS-4100 systems produce low-loss splices on standard, large diameter and all specialty fibers.


  • Fiber-based gyroscopes
  • Fiber lasers
  • Fiber assemblies and delivery systems
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