Fiber Laser

Vytran’s unique technologies enable the precision fusion splicing and fused fiber components critical to high-power fiber laser performance. This includes creating combiners and tapers, large mode area (LMA) fiber splicing, photonic crystal fiber (PCF) splicing, and large diameter fiber splicing with low loss.
Fused fiber components are key building blocks for reliable, efficient, high-power fiber lasers. In a typical fiber laser system, fused components include pump combiners, mode adapters, output combiners and couplers, and end caps. Even a basic splice becomes a system component, as splices for fiber lasers are typically between dissimilar fibers so generally require some form of mode adaption.

Our fiber processing solutions allow the high-strength, low-loss components our customers rely on as the foundation for their products. Our GPX-3000 multipurpose glass processing system creates low-loss splices, tapers, couplers and combiners (e.g. 7:1 and 61:1) on optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. Its True Core Imaging™ enables accurate inner-core alignment and splice loss calculation while End-View Imaging™ provides automated alignment of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, fibers with non-circular cladding or micro-structured cores, and dissimilar fibers.

GPX-3000 workstations allow:
  • Large mode area (LMA) dissimilar fiber splicing
  • High-strength mode-field adapting, thermally expanded core (TEC) or standard fiber tapering
  • Efficient fiber combiners, couplers, end caps
  • Fused components that exhibit low transmission loss, high-strength and consistency
  • Low-loss mode-field expansion and high expansion ratio
  • Adiabatic diffusion or geometric tapering

We have also developed the stand-alone LFS-4100 splicer for volume production of fiber assemblies. LFS-4100 is ideal for manufacturers that want the splicing performance of our proven multi-function splicing and glass processing products, but from a dedicated process tool with a simple operator interface. LFS-4100 systems produce low-loss splices on fibers ranging from 125 to 1.25mm in diameter. They can be used on standard and specialty fibers, including doped fibers, LMA fibers, PM fibers, photonic crystal fiber (PCF), highly stressed fibers and D-shapes.

Our LFS-4100, GPX-3400/3600 and LDC-400 fiber cleaver share a fiber holding block to ensure mechanical fiber integrity. LFS and GPX systems also feature application libraries to help streamline processes from development to manufacturing.
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