Vytran’s versatile glass processing technology enables fiber-based medical component development and manufacturing for applications such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), consumable fiber-based probes and fiber-based medical device components.
From fiber delivery devices in dermatology systems to optical probes for endoscopy and imaging, our customers are producing some of today’s most innovative medical device products. To ensure their systems meet the rigors of the demanding medical market, they need the most reliable, precision fiber processing available.

We offer a full range of equipment to accommodate every stage of product development and manufacturing. For example, our GPX-3000 series products are unique, multipurpose glass processors for creating splices, combiners, tapers, couplers and end caps on optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. GPX systems can also splice together very dissimilar fibers (both in size and shape) and can create fiber end terminations for fiber-based medical device components. The systems are ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy, versatility and repeatability.

For high-volume applications, such as producing consumable medical probes, we offer the fully automated FAS fusion splicing workstation. FAS can be configured with up to six modules that perform any process from fiber stripping through proof testing and can be modified to accommodate changing production requirements. Or for manufacturers that prefer a single-process splicer, we offer our LFS-4100. LFS-4100 systems produce low-loss splices on standard and specialty fibers ranging from 125 to 1.25mm in diameter.


  • Delivery devices for dermatology and dentistry products and imaging
  • OCT
  • Medical probes
  • All-fiber-based analytic or therapeutic assemblies
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