Vytran’s all-in-one workstations and stand-alone splicers, cleavers and recoaters allow consistent, reliable fiber processing ideal for high-volume, environmentally demanding applications.
Whether our customer is manufacturing fiber-based sensing systems that monitor hydrocarbons on the ocean floor or environmental gasses from an aircraft, they need reliable fiber splicing that preserves splice flexibility and strength. They also need the ability to simply and efficiently transition processes from R&D to repeatable, high-volume production.

We offer a complete host of products to help our customers optimize product development and manufacturing. Our all-in-one workstations include the FFS-2000–a system that combines all fusion splicing processes from fiber stripping through proof testing into one so our customers can create high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. For even higher throughput, our fully automated FAS fusion splicing workstation can be configured with up to six modules that perform any process from fiber stripping through proof testing.

Or to enhance an existing production line, our stand-alone process tools include systems such as the LFS-4100 splicer—a tool for producing low-loss splices on standard, large diameter and specialty fibers. We also offer the
LDC-400 fully automated fiber cleaver, a device that produces mirror-quality end-face finishes. For demanding applications such as volume fiber Bragg grating manufacturing, our manual and automated PTR recoaters restore the protective coating to a stripped fiber while preserving fiber integrity and flexibility. And our SAS-400 hot acid stripper can be used to center-strip a fiber while still maintaining the intrinsic fiber strength.


  • Fiber Bragg grating manufacture
  • Laser-based sensing device production (Oil, Wind...)
  • Development and production of all fiber assemblies
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