CFC-400-SMA Connectorized Fiber Cleaver

CFC-400-SMA is an automated cleaver designed to create a flat cleave an optical fiber that is mounted in an SMA-905 connector. It produces a high-quality, clean fiber end face with a polish-like finish in a fraction of a second. There is no polishing residue and therefore no post-processing necessary. This quick and efficient system is ideal for high-volume connectorized fiber cleaving applications in markets ranging from medical and fiber laser to telecommunications.
CFC-400-SMA uses our well-proven tension-and-scribe technology to produce consistent cleaves with mirror-quality end-face finishes. It features programmable cleave tension and scribe conditions specifically suited for cleaving connectorized fibers. Fiber diameter can range from 80 microns to 1 mm.

Features & Benefits

  • Tension-and-scribe methodLow-angle -- critical for high-performance mirror-quality cleaving
  • Programmable cleave parametersAccommodates a wide range of fiber sizes (80 µm to 1 mm in diameter)
  • Precision controlled scribing processRepeatable, consistent and accurate cleaves
  • Remote controlled tension, velocity, oscillation, scribe delayHandset controller gives user full control over the cleave process
  • Fiber holding blocks for accurate fiber positioning and clampingResults in highest fiber quality and process repeatability
  • Adjustable mechanical slideEnables precise control of cleave position
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