Vytran’s remote diagnostic services maximize customers’ production uptime and ensure processes stay reliable and consistent, no matter where on the globe their manufacturing facility is located.
Each Vytran splicer product is equipped with internet-based services that allow us to remote diagnose any difficulties. For instance, our technicians in New Jersey and the United Kingdom know exactly how a customer in Europe is using their FFS-2000 splicing system for EDFA production. Thanks to proprietary software, we can see each production sequence that their technician initiates. Should something go wrong, we’ll monitor and help remedy the problem. We can also provide remote intervention, such as loading software.

So no matter where in the world our machine is installed, our customers can be certain that if they experience any process or equipment challenges, we’ll be able to help get their production back on track as quickly as possible.

Access live remote assistance and online support for your Vytran products by clicking on the link below.

TeamViewer for Remote Support

TeamViewer for your
Remote Support!

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